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Laura's Recent Musings on Fundraising and Philanthropy

10 Tips for Year-End Fundraising Success
December is a make-or-break month for many nonprofits, and now is the time to start planning your year-end fundraising campaign. Follow these 10 tips, and you will raise more money this year. [....]

4 Steps to Better Thank You Letters
If you want to make your donors feel like a million bucks, write better thank you letters. There are four essential building blocks in any stellar thank you letter, and they work for any gift. [....]

10 Fun Facts from the Giving USA 2016 Report
"2015 Was America's Most-Generous Year Ever." That's the headline from this year's Giving USA Report. And that's good news for the nonprofit sector. Here are highlights from this year's report. [....]

5 Fundraising Lessons from Give Big Day 2016
Give Big Day was a bit of a debacle. When the national giving platform crashed, many communities canceled their events. Not my town. They crushed their fundraising goal. Here's how. [....]

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